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July General FOGS Meeting


July 14, 2021


Board members present:

Angie Yarusso

Mary Nisi

Lindsay Semph

Joanna Miner

Genevra Knight

  1. Follow Up Funding Requests

  2. PreK-Stem Furniture - All 3 classrooms want the furniture

  3. Volleyball Nets - Need to follow up with Daniel

  4. Need to touch base with Jamie since she’s a gym teacher

  5. Schedule FOGS Activities and Events for 2021/2022 School Year

  6. Goethe Community Cookbook - currently 80% done

  7. Latin Beats

  8. Goethe Fest - Could we do this in the fall instead of end of school year, but maybe less intense than in past years

  9. Science Challenge - Consider April - need to discuss with Karina and

  10. Walk Bike Run A Thon / Fun Run

  11. Goethe’s Got Talent

  12. Giving Tuesday

  13. Giving Tree

  14. Game Night

  15. Holiday Bazaar

  16. Back to School

  17. Month Calendar

  18. August - planning month

  19. September - Goethe Fest / School kick-off

  20. Joanna and Mary will plan the Sept. kick-off; Rick can consult

  21. October - Cookbook launches

  22. November - Cookbook - sell

  23. December - Holiday Bazaar

  24. January - Goethe's Got Talent

  25. February - Game Night

  26. March - Latin Beats on the Square

  27. April - Science Challenge

  28. May - Game Night

  29. June - Fun Run

  30. Game Nights - run a few times during the year

  31. 2021/2022 FOGS Board Openings & Structure

  32. Board

  33. President - Open

  34. VP 1 - Open

  35. VP 2 - Open

  36. Secretary - Lindsay? If someone else would like to take this on, Lindsay is happy to hand the reins over to someone else

  37. Treasurer - Genevra

  38. Board Member - Website, Email, & Social Media Communication Chair - we absolutely need someone who can do this

  39. Board Member - Recruitment Committee Chair

  40. Board Member - Committee Chair Position?

  41. Board Member - Committee Chair Position?

  42. Board Member - Committee Chair Position?

  43. Recruit Committee Members to help with committee and chair other events - between now and August, everyone needs to recruit as many people as possible to join in order to spread the work better

  44. Social media posts must be specific in what we’re looking for in a board member; let’s set the expectation that board members take on one of the calendar projects

  45. Proposing August 18 as next meeting

  46. New business

  47. Joanna will get pricing and take care of Goethe signs for next meeting

  48. Recruitment side - we need to figure out what we need to do in collaboration with the LSC and FOGS

  49. New meeting locations - should we get out of the school (outside of library)? Should be faster than 2 hour meetings, we need to keep it more like a status report of what’s going on with committee meetings

  50. LSC reports from FOGS have been incredible and everyone’s very happy about that transparency

  51. Need to continue having staff come to FOGS to present what they were asking money for

Close of meeting - 9:28pm

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