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FOGS June Meeting

June 8, 2022


Lindsay Semph

Joy Tennent

Joanna Miner

Gabrielle Slough-Cummings

Nicole Delesandro

Caitlin Sobotka

Amanda Eich

Enrique Cruz

Tracy Swartz

Justin Hollister

Funding Requests

  • Uniforms for sports - Erica to present to FOGS

    • At this point, still waiting for the formal request

      • Potentially a vote online

    • Per Nicole, there is potential for Goethe to submit a grant request

      • Nicole will make the connection and draft a proposal

      • Gabe to pull together numbers for proposal

      • Nicole to follow up with Erica to get feedback

        • Gabe will make connection via email between Nicole and Erica

Chairs Update

  • Genevra - treasurer

    • Gabe to follow up with Genevra to get update by the LSC meeting

    • Working through checks and Zelle payments

    • In future, need to ensure that multiple contacts are able to deposit checks

  • Cait - GGT

    • Have a lineup of kids at this point, 15-16 performers in the lineup (around 25 total individuals)

    • Need volunteers for Friday and Saturday (9-11), Gabe shared the signupgenius

    • In the future (2023), could we wrap this into Goethe Fest?

    • Event will be held outdoors

    • No current refreshments, we can plan to have lemonade and small rice krispie treats

  • Gabe/Lindsay - GFest

    • Need volunteers

    • Getting date from Nader

    • Sending for approval through LSC tomorrow

    • Priority for the event is to at least break even and should have fundraising element

    • Can we get rid of the cost of the stage element and focus further on games and tickets for revenue?

      • Add focus further on the community nature of the event

      • Educate on volunteer opportunities for newcomers

      • Free moving activities would be the priority

      • Could we do a beer tent or grilling?

    • School of Rock is looking for opportunities which we could pull in for the event

    • Gabe to send budget to Rick ahead of meeting tomorrow

  • Recruitment

    • Joanna and Amanda are creating an enrollment folder for new Kindergartners for information

      • Could leave some in the office or add for supply pickup

      • Could create an electronic version to distribute/post as well

      • Looking to get physical copies ahead of GFest

    • Advertising incoming Pre-K play dates and looking to involve families in running them

    • Had been working on a quote for a tent, but 6 tents were recently approved and there may be branding on it


  • July elections

    • Could we do an in-person meeting?

    • Looking to recruit new people

  • Decide on primary programming (prioritizing gfest first)

    • Can we outline priorities for fundraising and spending?

    • Discussed some of the events this year and look to document success and lessons learned

    • Need to take a longer view of the calendar of events

    • Can be more intentional about our partnership and how we fundraise

  • Need to send thank you cards for fundraising contributions

    • Gabe to follow up on this item with content suggestion with Amanda

End of meeting 8:35

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