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FOGS May Meeting Notes

May 11, 2022

Meeting Start: 7:30


Gabrielle Slough-Cummings

Nicole Delesandro

Amanda Eich

Lindsay Semph

Heath Davis

Joy Tennent

Karina Godinez

Rebecca Sheppard

Funding Requests - 5 minutes

  • Old/Outstanding

    • Playground team - Nader

      • LSNA may have funding through the parent resources, not sure of current situations with staff or funding

        • Could be cost prohibitive

Chairs Update - 15 minutes

  • Gabe -

    • Treasury update - on Genevra’s behalf

      • No update last check was $86K

      • Have some additional sources that would get it up to around $90K

    • Merch

      • Is scheduled to be delivered this week

      • Will also be running yearbook shirts through them

    • Cookbook

      • Lindsay/Gabe/Amanda scheduling work time, Amanda making other corrections

    • Teacher Appreciation Week

      • Lots of gratitude - breakfast, cookies, tacos - everything was well loved.

      • Propose we divide future meals so everyone is covered

        • Can we split order in half, or take other strategies

        • Was first time using caterer and may need additional food in the future

        • Can we have parent group take over for an entire week for a committee?

        • Discussion tabled for future discussion

      • Need to ensure we’re careful with allergens

        • Anything crossing the school bounds needs to be nut free in the future

    • Goethe website

      • Taken off FOGS plate aside from individual volunteers

    • Goethe Fest

      • Desire from the top to use this as a welcoming/introductory event (more to be discussed later)

        • Fundraising considerations could influence how to approach this in the future

    • Recruitment (on Joanna’s behalf, from Nader meeting)

      • Retention, particularly of Pre-K families

      • Anti-displacement efforts

        • How can we as a greater school community make this a priority

      • Visibility efforts

        • Farmer’s market, extend out to the larger Logan Square area

  • Heath - DC Gala

    • Everyone should be looking into fundraising contacts. Time to get scrappy!

      • Heath and Karina will be walking around the neighborhood to promote the event

      • Looking for 12 volunteers to guide around

      • Able to find a vendor “Tiny Shop”

      • Looking to find eco friendly silverware, containers, etc to be as eco-friendly as possible to model a green friendly school

      • Talking to the University of Chicago participants to the University to shadow Grad Students, need to work around schedules

      • Looking to arrange a learning lab as well with Museum of Science & Industry

      • Putting the program into a digital QRC

  • Cait - GGT - all updated in FOGS email. Will schedule a separate meeting to cover logistics and other details.

  • Joanna - Will update us later on anything not mentioned above

  • Joy - Website updates

Planning for 2022-2023 - 30 minutes

Future business - 10 minutes

  • Big thanks to Mary Nisi

  • Elections

    • Will schedule for August

  • Chairs for future events

    • Keep in mind for future events

  • Changes to ensure we are reducing work loads where we can, working proactively, etc.

    • Sponsorship chair could be beneficial

    • Looking for ideas of how to structure and change for next year

  • Thank you get together

End of meeting 8:45

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