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FOGS March Meeting Notes

March 16, 2022

Funding Requests

  • Ballet Folklorico

    • Have enough kids to do two classes

    • There would be 13 classes now, $910

    • May 12 will be the end of the classes and there will be a Mother’s Day show that same day

    • Vote for additional funding: 7-0, the vote passes

  • Chairs Update

    • Genevra - Treasurer - no update tonight, but will have one by LSC meeting

    • Gabe

      • Merch - updates

        • About to get back order for all of the missing stuff

    • Caitlin - GGT

      • no update, just need the makeup date to that; Gabe will get in touch with Cait and loop in Amanda so she can hit the ground running with graphics

    • Mary - Cookbook

      • Need to finish the translation, but we have the raw document now

      • Cost will end up being $20/book; can do as little as 100; will be 5-7 business days for printing; tentative goal: by week of the Design Challenge

    • Joanna - Dine & Donate, Recruitment

      • Dine & Donate:

        • We had a great turnout for Irazu but only made 10% pretax from the profit (in comparison, Chipotle gave ~30%)

        • Consider: more consistent communications to parents about these fundraisers (especially flyers in backpacks - split in quarters, ask 8th graders to hand out during dropoff at the playground for community service, QR code on poster - make them bright colored flyers)

          • Parent connects are difficult right now – we need parent email addresses to be updated in Aspen

        • Consider: 15% minimum with partners moving forward

        • Wendy’s wants to partner with us, couple places on Western Ave that are locally owned

          • Consider: Whole Foods

      • Recruitment

        • Having a hard time getting responses from admin about when we can do open houses – once we get that ok, we’re going to kick off Wednesday afternoon tours

        • Farmers Market - Gabe, Araceli, and Lety are willing. Joanna will help with set up. If we can get Mr. Elmasri to join, that’d be great. Heath, Christian, and Karina are also willing (and will do a science activity).

          • Fake tattoos, coloring stuff, Goethe merch, cook book

        • Joanna wants to price out a Goethe branded tent for all of our events, will work with Amanda on designing; will have more info during April’s meeting

    • Joy - Website update

      • AirAuctioneer was an awesome tool for LBOTS

      • Pictures are going up on the website, will take down LBOTS, and put up any new content. Just email stuff over to Joy.

    • Heath - Design Challenge Gala & raffle for D.C. trip

      • Raffle

        • Raised $800 on the Dyson hair dryer! Will be focusing on another raffle item for next month

      • Gala (Design Challenge)

        • Kids are learning every Wednesday & Friday with different STEAM-related organizations to learn more about how to incorporate equity into the Design Challenge

        • Design Challenge project plan

          • Please take a look at project plan to see where you might be able to lean in!

        • Will have a planning meeting date established ASAP and will send out communications to lots of other folks soon

    • Lindsay - LBOTS

      • What went well:

        • Venue was amazing and it was in the same neighborhood as the school; worked with us really well as well!

        • Music was great and the quality/volume was perfect

        • Justin’s logistics made it really easy (Mallory was great at upselling the auction items)

        • Cocktails were delicious

        • MCs were amazing!

        • Everyone was happy, good community builder

        • Food was good

        • We had some parents in our Latino community that we’ve never seen before!

        • Alumni engagement was good!

      • What didn’t go great:

        • Bartenders did not collect drink tickets, and when people were offering them, they were not taking them

        • Drink ticket lines were really long so people were waiting

        • Silent auction was a bit complicated; visibility in layout was a problem

        • Obtaining raffle items was rough – need to think through how to streamline and make it better

        • Not enough hands on deck – same few people working on the committee

      • What we should keep for next time:

        • Museum and expand it!

        • Band

        • Promotional materials were visually stunning

        • Step & Repeat was cool

        • “What are you wearing” poll

      • What we should change for next time:

        • Make silent auction accessible from home

        • Provide AirAuctioneer instructions in advance

        • Include a website banner

        • Is there a way to get text messages during bidding? This is a consideration of cost.

        • Could we try a monitor to show the auction items next time up front?

        • Food and the silent auction should have been switched

        • Consider a $5 item pull

        • Find a way to bring the Stripe

        • Consider putting it on raffle winners to write down their info after they win

        • Nonprofit discounts 2-3 weeks out

        • Classroom art to frame for event

        • Need to continue pushing the inclusive – more Mexican music would have helped

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