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Thank you for your generosity!

Goethe is a strong and diverse neighborhood elementary school with proud, deep roots in Logan Square for over 125 years. Goethe’s core values revolve around the concept of “bucket-filling.” When your bucket is full, you feel happy, confident and ready to pay it forward.


We invite you to join Goethe’s bucket-filling community with a gift of your time, money, and or talent.

Your gift will grow the hearts and minds of Goethe students by filling gaps in their educational funding needs and enriching their learning experience.

There are infinite ways your family can give to help grow the Goethe community. Please consider a tax deductible monetary donation to Friends of Goethe School (FOGS). Your donation will help fund Goethe’s essential needs, capital improvements, updated technology, school programming, and resources to support healing-centered post-pandemic recovery for our students’ social emotional development. Everyone has something to offer and every gift of any kind is invaluable to the students of Goethe school!

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