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FOGS September 22, 2021 - Interim Meeting

Board Members in attendance

Gabe Slough-Cummings

Lindsay Semph

Heath Davis

Justin Hollister

Joy Tennent

Rebecca Shepard

Joanna Miner

Amanda Eich

Caitlin Sobotka

Nicole Dalesandro

Start 7:00PM

  • Funding Requests Nothing new or outstanding since our last meeting, skipped this section

    • New

    • Outstanding

  • Update from Principal’s Meeting (Gabe)

    • Funding Priorities: Main goal is to confirm what meets scope of FOGS vs. other methods

      • Marquee

        • Digital marquee with dual language capabilities, allow messages from desktop version

        • Asked La Spata for funding, had some ideas but needs to dig in further

      • Media Room: Need space, may be reliant on annex

        • Shelved for now due to space restrictions

        • Would allow for kids to be involved in news updates and filmed news straight to the classroom

        • May be reliant on additional funds and annex re-build

      • Turf: Interim plan, Iris funding, roundtable

        • Brought in expert from community for advice, no solid plan at this point

        • La Spata coming to school next week to visualize

        • Pods will most likely be on hard top playground area to impact field use

        • Anything done will need to be interim due to the annex potentially digging out turf

      • Budget pains

        • Recess coverage: $16k/year ongoing

          • Will require 3 people over lunch/recess

          • Paid positions $15/hour equating to 16K/year

          • This would be new hire under Goethe school rather than external

          • External would be more expensive, mainly due to the flat fee for training

          • Need to follow up with principal on the indoor recess impacts

          • Parent mentor program used in other locations/ instances, Gabe to follow up on this as a potential solution. LSNA Miss Carmina is the liaison for this program

          • Also need to follow up on legislative/regulation requirement impacts to recess

        • New office furniture: assembling a list

        • Potential budget cut (enrollment)

          • This could still change until budget hits in November, but there could be an impact

        • Technology voids (chromebooks): No more funding from CPS

          • Lack of functionality exists for some Chromebooks that is leading to issues

        • Security needs: Cameras, walkies

          • There is currently issue with cameras and supply of walkie-talkies, and signage for kiss-and-go

        • Equity in the school: parent training

          • This training occurred last year for the school, and cost $25K for 25 parents to train on what it means to be a parent advocate

          • May need to seek less expensive alternatives

          • As FOGS we may need to present alternatives or push the school to look for alternatives

        • Annex: “Lobbyist” on FOGS?

          • Suggestion was made for member of group to push for opportunities to fund the replacement

          • Spoke with LaSpata today to push for support to pick up where we left off before pandemic.

          • Want to get politicians involved previously back in the loop

          • Infrastructure bill money could be helpful for this effort

          • Recommendation to ask LSC members (Amanda and Theo) who had previously worked on this to coordinate within LSC.

          • Work with a designated member of FOGS for a joint effort. Gabe to serve as FOGS representative with Lindsay service as backup

          • We can add a landing spot on the website for information on our website

          • Need to get updated version of list of things to get done/what has been done

          • Gabe to set up a meeting to talk through this information page on the website

          • Gabe to propose to add and LSC based committee with support from FOGS

      • “Pillars”: STEAM, LGBTQ+, Equity, Sustainability, Dual Language

        • Looking for commitment pillars for the school to assist in grant requests

        • Nader and Crystal to think through these topics

        • Heath requested:

          • That we no longer fund computers/chromebook and look for alternatives that are more sustainable to travel with students up to 8th grade year.

          • Can we partner with an organization to fund this for future sustainability

          • Equity/Inclusion training: can we reach out to organization local to Chicago (Howard Brown Center, Center on Halsted)

    • Getting in front of teacher asks

      • Educational handout for teachers

        • Amanda is working through this, including photos/examples.

        • Can use this for external meeting kit

      • Attending November staff meeting

        • Gabe will be attending on Nov 3rd (rough date) with a town hall meeting in the gym

        • Intro on what FOGS is and how to work with us

      • Coordinate with 8th grade/all teachers for advance notice

      • Flexible seating - ensure use and identify greater need

        • Nader and Crystal to talk to teachers to ensure use and needs

      • Report requests from teachers back to P/VP

    • Monthly meeting with FOGS P and P/VP - First Wednesday

      • Gabe will attend this meeting along with volunteer participation from board

    • Title 1

      • 65% to 59% in one year - 40% threshold

        • Funding is $250K for this designation

      • Preventative measures: maintain core community, roundtable

        • Have translators for all meetings, take into account the culture of our school community

        • Forming a roundtable of people who represent the core community and ensure we maintain focus on community

        • Have teachers onboard for this opportunity

        • La Spata Meeting

  • Update to Funding Request Form and priorities

    • Funding Requests:

      • Prioritize:

        • School pillars

        • Percentage of school affected

        • Short term vs long term

        • No CPS funds available

        • Not achievable through teacher fundraiser

        • Funding is not an open request elsewhere (Nader)

      • Teacher requests must be cc’d to office

      • Ask how requestor is aiding in fundraising

    • Balance funding sources:

      • Monthly giving (the WBEZ way)

      • Event based giving (LBOTS)

      • Periodic appeals (Giving Tree)

      • Goethe Store

        • Cait and Mike to meet with Gabe on this item to determine best next steps to bring back to the group

  • Project Template

    • Helps with organization, transparency, and preparedness for next year/future chairs

      • Goethe Fest team to put together template for next meeting for team feedback

  • Turf Update

    • 8th Grade Volunteers

      • Available for future events, should be engaged for use for future

    • 8th Grade Lunch Budget

      • Gabe working with Genevra on this item, looking to extend money for this year

  • Fun run: FOGS site would intake fundraising

    • To vote on next meeting

  • Holiday Raffle

    • To run with the holiday bazaar, to discuss on next meeting

    • Potential to run as a STEAM benefit

Meeting end: 9:37

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