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FOGS November Meeting

November 10, 2021

Members Present:

  • Justin Hollister

  • Genevra Knight

  • Caitlin Sobotka

  • Mary Nisi

  • Gabe Slough-Cummings

  • Joy Tennent

  • Lindsay Semph

  • Nicole Dalesandro

  • Joanna Miner

  • Andy Distel

Start: 7:35

  • Check In: Allyn Teti

Funding Requests

  • Old/Approved: Both requests were approved unanimously. Items have been ordered and are in transit

  • Media Works for STEAM

  • Got teacher discount on some items from Apple. One group of items was placed on the FOGS card with 3 others spread on separate cards

  • $1,200 cheaper than original budget with additional costs falling off for sales tax

  • Ukuleles for Andy and the music program

  • Used additional budget from Apple items for some items related to masking and bell covers additional items for $750

  • Microphone in original budget will now be purchased through school

  • Updated financials: after the approved purchases cash balance will be approximately $57K (Goethe Fest funds have not yet been placed in)

  • Need focus on fundraising to replenish funds

  • Flexible Seating: Was approved under the previous board with a cost of less than $1,000. Nicole will proceed with purchase pending confirmation by teachers

  • Chairs Update

  • Lindsay: LBOTS

  • LBOTS 2022 Planner

  • Lindsay walked through the planner of the milestones/activities for the project

  • Venue search - ideas welcome

  • Still working through these aspects

  • Potential:

  • Concord Music Hall

  • Stan Mansion

  • Segundo Ruiz

  • Fort Knox

  • Genevra to check if there was a check sent to Logan Square Auditorium for last year’s planned event

  • May need to anticipate the cost increasing due to Covid

  • Sponsorship Process - Everyone is on the team (Gabe)

  • Entry point for sponsorship is $100

  • Additional information will be in the media kit

  • Gabe to distribute a spreadsheet to track this

  • Would include a program for donorship and silent auction donations

  • For restaurants, not actively seeking food donations. Could receive gift cards

  • Caitlin: GGT (January 29th)

  • Sign up date will be before winter break with auditions after

  • Need to determine capacity and Covid considerations

  • Will need volunteers for auditions and events

  • Stage managers

  • MCs

  • Ushers (potential)

  • Will have a virtual option as well but need to confirm technical capabilities

  • Full “STEAM” Ahead for the theme

  • Looking for art submissions that could move to the silent auction

  • Will have a Merch table there as well

  • Ms. Bartlett has volunteered to open proceeding with a performance and be a coach

  • Could we have her as an MC?

  • Mary/Gabe: Cookbook

  • Additional editing is required and there are items pending for delivery.

  • Have a list of deliverables at this point, but pending further discussion

  • Plan was to use the printer that the yearbook was through

  • Desire is to get cookbook completed by holiday season

  • Gabe: Holiday Raffle

  • Fundraisers were approved by the LSC

  • Will be working with Joy to get posted to website by early December

  • Gabe: 125

  • Plan to get the write up for the website, pamphlets for families and businesses.

  • Go-live in December

  • Monthly messaging for monthly giving campaign will be a push

  • November 30th is Giving Tuesday

  • Genevra: How to get your vendors paid

  • Best way is to get an invoice to Genevra to process payment directly

  • Ideally 3-4 days notice

  • Other emergent items can be handled on a one off basis

  • Social team update

  • Rebecca/Gabe: Content for site

  • Contacting school members for content creation

  • New Event/Fundraising Proposals

  • STEAM Gala and monthly raffles (Gabe)

  • Tabled motion pending additional email and conversation

  • Dine to Donate (Joanna)

  • First one will occur December 8th with 33% going back to FOGS: Chipotle on Elston

  • Will create a posting strategy for social

  • 8th Grade Lunch Budget - discuss options

  • Will leave open for teachers to decide since it was their fundraiser

Meeting end 9:20 PM

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