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FOGS January Meeting Notes

January 13, 2022

Start of meeting 7:30


Justin Hollister

Lindsay Semph

Amanda Eich

Caitlin Sobotka

Heath Davis

Joy Tennent

  • Funding Requests

    • Old/Approved

    • New

      • Sports jerseys - Heath

        • OSC Saturday sessions to take place with other games against additional schools

        • Currently they are using matching colors in many of the games

        • Grades 5-8 would need jerseys, approximate cost of $5,065 for the shirts alone

        • Have 2 months until the final need

        • Waiting on specific quote from printer for the screen printing

        • Coaches would be able to use these for future years as well

        • Caitlin working with Mike to obtain an alternate quote for jerseys screen prints

        • Due to not having a quorum, will be moving this to a virtual vote once a final quote is obtained

      • Zoom request from LSC

        • The LSC is looking to be more inclusive and find ways to incorporate more bi-lingual opportunities.

        • Zoom Pro has the potential to serve this need

        • Allows social streaming with 100 attendees max

        • Due to not having a quorum, will be moving this to a virtual vote once a final quote is obtained

  • Chairs Update

    • Genevra - Treasurer

    • Lindsay - LBOTS

      • Moving ahead as planned at this point to work towards the 3/11/22 date

      • Looking to get a temperature check from the greater community at this point via a survey

      • Next step for Karina to translate the survey via email *Also send a text to Karina to alert her of the email*

      • Lindsay to follow up with Stan Mansion for pulse check prior to the survey

    • Caitlin - GGT

      • Due to Covid issues, recommending that we postpone the event at least one month

      • Right now there are 7 registrations for participants

      • Caitlin to take a view of the calendar in late March to look for a good time for recommendations

      • Will follow up with posting on website/Facebook once new date is selected

    • Mary - Cookbook

    • Joanna - Dine & Donate, Recruitment

    • Gabe - Raffle, Annex/Field, 125/Giving Tuesday, Teachers night out

    • Joy - Website update

      • Joy will be updating the web with date information

      • Heath will work with Joy to share information for the DC raffle on February 1st.

  • New Business

    • Event discussion in light of COVID (in order of most pressing: GGT, LBOTS, Design Challenge)

      • See notes above

    • Need follow up communication with Gabe regarding clothing attire order status. Email notification for those who purchased with latest date estimates

  • Event/Fundraising Proposals

    • Carnation sales - Heath

      • Looking to collect cash for $1 per carnation to hold money for purchases in February

      • Looking to post signage to website for promotion, there may be technicalities where branding Friends of Goethe school is referenced.

      • Due to not having a quorum, will be moving this to a virtual vote

Meeting End 8:40

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