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FOGS February Meeting Notes

February 9, 2022

Start 7:35

Gabe Slough Cummings

Heath Davis

Joy Tennent

Justin Hollister

Andy Distel

Lindsay Semph

Joanna Miner

M Chavez

Caitlin Sobotka

Elizabeth Leong

Amanda Eich

Genevra Knight


Funding Requests

  • Old/Approved

  • Carnations - approved - Heath update

  • Program is up and running, Heath to deliver the money to Genevra to hold

  • Zoom request from LSC - Gabe

  • Genevra and Gabe working with LSC and we will have ability to run our meeting on the same link

  • Sports jerseys - Gabe update

  • Working through pricing and have sent out to our printer to put together a pricing estimate

  • Will go through a vote after this is completed

  • Flexible seating -

  • Nicole - survey

  • Heath re-created and sent from a CPS address and have been getting responses

  • Waiting for further results from survey prior to approving any future requests

  • Gabe/Genevra - Library

  • Everything has been received pending one piece

  • Genevra to follow up with Amazon to determine how to rectify the missing item

  • Gabe to follow up with Genevra post meeting

  • New

  • Mask recycling - Gabe

  • Seeking a mask recycling box at the school

  • Would seek to have Environmental Club and/or Girl Scout group to manage activity

  • Proposing to start with the smallest box at $90 for a one time trial period

  • Ballet Folkloriko - Gabe/Pamela/Maria

  • Pre-covid they were practicing every week and performing

  • They are seeing more requests for financial aid this year to help cover the cost for the instructor

  • Fees are $70/Session for a total of $1,470 for 21 sessions

  • Votes 9-0 yes to approve

  • Joy

  • Justin

  • Joanna

  • Heath

  • Genevra

  • Lindsay

  • Gabe

  • Caitlin

  • Amanda

  • Chairs Update

  • Genevra - Treasurer

  • No updated financial statements at this time, working to get updated with latest information and correct categorization

  • To provide next month with additional accuracy

  • Gabe -

  • All hands on deck for sponsorships

  • Big thanks to those who are working hard

  • If anyone needs help, please let us know

  • Focus on LBOTS then Gala

  • Merch - updates

  • Fulfillment

  • New pricing/potential partner for remaining orders

  • What to do with previous hoodies

  • Old merch was a hooded t-shirt and looking to re-print

  • Hooded t-shirts could be sold at a lower price to make up profit while lowering the stock

  • New product plan - wait until previous orders are fulfilled

  • Being hit by supply chain issues at this point

  • Will seek 8th grade volunteers for future orders for easier storage

  • Lindsay - LBOTS

  • Results of survey

  • All hands on deck for sponsors

  • Most survey results were in line with our current plans

  • Gabe and joy working to get LBOTs on the front page

  • Caitlin - GGT

  • Still working through dates

  • Deciding between end of April or in June

  • Looking for Heath, Andy, and Pamela to help promote sign ups

  • Gabe to put together an email after the call to share information

  • Mary - Cookbook

  • In last round of edits and finalizing Spanish translations

  • One more round of proofing to follow and then moving to print

  • Looking around for more local/lower cost options

  • Joanna - Dine & Donate, Recruitment

  • Running Wed Feb 16th-Saturday Feb 19th at Irazu

  • Joy to distribute flyers to go home

  • Gabe to check mailbox at school for the check from Mailbox

  • Joy - Website update

  • Heath - Gala, Raffle

  • Dyson, MHub, Omari, MSI, Space Architects and Planners, CEO of Cross Stitch, Jones Lang Lasalle, CPS Libraries, The Plant, Project Lead the Way, etc. are workshop presenters

  • Heath to follow up looking for members of committee

  • Logan Square Chamber of Commerce offered free booth at the Farmers Market Date TBD in May

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