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FOGS August Meeting


August 24, 2021


Board Members in attendance

Lindsay Semph

Angie Yarusso

Mary Nisi

Andy Distel

Joanna Miner

Genevra Knight

Start time 7:04pm

  • Follow Up Funding Requests (Can someone follow up)

    1. Goethe Fest Update - Mary or committee update

      1. Entertainers all lined up! Logistics (generator, lighting, staging, etc) set! Working on ice cream truck - Caitlin Sobotka will give her guy a call; we need raffle tickets

      2. Vote on budget request for event set up - $5,775 (includes the $1700 for the stage and tent)

        1. Motion to vote: Genevra

        2. 2nd: Mary

        3. Vote passes, 6-0

      3. Confirm raffle for fundraising - 50/50 raffle, will need volunteers to walk around selling those

      4. Need to start posting about the event immediately and constantly; 4pm-8pm

      5. Cook book presales at GFest -- QR code to preorder

    2. PreK-Stem Furniture - All 3 classrooms want the furniture

      1. Genevra will follow up with Ms Gabi to get the items purchased


    3. Volleyball Nets -Vote on purchasing the nets and poles

      1. Genevra will follow up with

      2. See feedback below on warranty and research

  • Financial update - Genevra

    1. ~$84,500 6/30/2021 - EOY in checking account, ~$89,000 between all the accounts

      1. Total income was ~$29,000 opposed to ~$62,000 in the prior year given all that’s happened

      2. Total school spend (approved school projects funding - Amazon gift cards, library iPads, flex seating, gym folding chairs, TVs and TV stands, science equipment, etc): ~$86,000

      3. July: no income; only money spent was on annual subscriptions

  • 2021/2022 Planning Calendar


  • FOGS Overview & Board Positions & 2021/2022

    1. Monthly Meetings

    2. Report to LSC after each meeting

    3. Divide and conquer efforts to minimize commitment

    4. This years Goals from Principal Elmasri

      1. New digital LED marquee

      2. Digital Media Room physical build out and curriculum development

      3. New turf field - Mr. Elmasri will have a quote of sorts by next FOGS meeting

    5. Open Positions

    6. Interested Board Member Introductions

Interested Board Members

Board vote will happen via email next week

Meeting end 8:00pm

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