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February 2021 FOGS Meeting Notes


February 10, 2021


Board members present:

Lindsay Semph

Angie Yarusso

Andy Distel

Mary Nisi

Amanda Bull

Jamie Militello

Joanna Miner

Start Time: 7:34pm

Intro & welcome

Follow Up On Actions from last meeting

  • Thank you Joanna for writing the 2020 donors letter & Thank you Jamie for reviewing the translation.

Website updates

  • Website Spanish Translation: COMPLETE - $100 give card was sent to J Adams Oaks - Andy’s referral.

  • Spanish Home Page is set up

  • Donation letter - waiting for Spanish translation review

  • Continue integrating Spanish speaking families into FOGS activities = priority

Collect a list of things we want to showcase FOGS has contributed to the school to update copy on the website - Nicole & Genevra - need to get this updated on the website.

Finance Update - Genevra

  • Financial Update

  • Cash In: $145,790

  • GGT Profit Loss Statement: $4019 (missing $1700 in ticket sales)

  • List of 2020 donors who wrote checks

  • LCS February meeting report

Initiatives Status /Updates:

Cookbook Committee - Mary

  • Recipes submitted ~60

  • Pictures for recipes - could be of the recipe, could be another related photo; send to

  • How long will we allow it to be digital? Need to figure that out

  • Fundraising efforts - cook book sales and Raffle prizes -, Chef led zoom parties, Kitchen items

  • Next Steps - figure out what help is needed to pull this together (Mary); get template set up (Rick); get more photos for recipes; Cook Book Committee folks to drop into template

  • Goethe community cook book recipe that we all try and share pictures a la Nailed It - Mr. Davis would help

Goethe’s Got Talent - Angie - was a huge success!

  • 39 performers (music, dance, comedy, & magic)

  • $2700 raised in ticket donations

  • ~15% of tickets were donated $

  • $4000 raised from Snack Packs @ Fresh Market Place

  • 180 families showed up to watch - video is posted HERE

  • Snack Packs are available - only sold 30

  • Results of the post-event questionnaire - gym chairs got the most votes; will ask Mr. Elmasri to share out to broader community to get more responses

New Annex Building - Amanda - need to investigate where Goethe is on the list for a new building

Recruitment - Joanna - no update

  • In the future, could table at FMP on weekend, make flyers to add to grocery stores/daycares/LSQ movie theatre/etc - Joanna will figure out content and have LSC weigh in

  • LSQ farmers market eventually again

  • LSQ Chamber of Commerce would add to their newsletter

  • Next steps: pull content together for next meeting and discuss ways to advertise

STEAM - Angie

  • Potential science challenge for all grades - waiting on all Barb approval

Walk Bike Run A-Thon - Andy

  • Consider for spring; start planning after cook book is kind of squared away; probably a May/early June event

Goethe Game Night, Goethe Fest, Goethe Apparel/Merch Shop

  1. On hold for now

FOGS Funding Requests For Approval:

Science kits that were approved in the last meeting are being ordered

Gym Chairs & Storage Racks Total: $10,739.49

  • Chairs: $9,229.44

  • Storage Racks : $1510.05

  • Angie moves to approve, Andy seconds

  • Vote passes 7-0

Mr. Davis Technology Request: $3137.65

  • looking for mobile instruction to do hybrid teaching, outdoor teaching; chrome books aren’t strong enough and can’t run as many tabs/programs as necessary, would allow for even more innovative instruction -- MacBook Air and Smart TV will make this possible, Principal Kargas suggested submitting a FOGS request; needs are aligned to the science standards; will help make the document camera experience more impactful; TV could be mobile as well; this is a purchase for Goethe school

  • VIZIO 75-inch P-Series Quantum X 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV: $1,598

  • 13-inch MacBook Air - Space Gray Total $1,539.56

  • Move to approve funds: Jamie; Angie seconded

  • Vote approved: 7-0

Principal request: New Employee - Handle safety protocol for lunch, recess, and addition duties needed throughout the day. Total cost: $7,865.

  • Need: New pandemic health and safety protocols required by CDC require additional adult supervision and support.

  • Proposed Solution: The school has been granted two cadres and three misc. employees. The cadres are on call to cover teacher accommodations, leaves, and day to day absences. The misc. employees can be used for supervision and classroom support. In addition, the school has budgeted from school funds for two additional hourly employees for more support. If we hire one more additional hourly employee then we better address our recess and lunch supervisors and alleviate some time in the day for other staff members, such as administration, dual language coordinators, social workers, counselors, security, and clerks to attend to their other duties.

  • Cost: 6.75 hrs a day @ $15 hour rate for 15 weeks. Total cost: $7,865.

  • This would get us from now until the end of school year

  • This should be a part of the LSC discussion -- FOGS is in agreement and willing to vote on it but we need to make sure we follow LSC protocol before we vote and approve funds; Rick will add to LSC agenda

Digital Marquee - Pausing for now until we get better community perspective (survey)

Need Help With:

  • Please help drive social engagement on our posts - like, comment and share - great progress so far, keep it up!

  • Printing or emailing donors who wrote checks or contributed cash

  • Getting raffle item donations for our cookbook and science efforts

Close of meeting - 9:21pm

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