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December 8, 2021 FOGS Meeting

Start: 7:40


Justin Hollister

Gabe Slough Cummings

Heath Davis

Caitlin Sobotka

Rebecca Sheppard

Joy Tennent

Nicole Delesandro

Joanna Miner

Mary Nisi

Marcia Mariscal

Elizabeth Leong

Amanda Eich

  • Funding Requests

    • Old/Approved

      • Ukuleles for Andy and the music program - arrived!

        • All delivered and have gathered pictures

        • Andy will provide an article for Facebook page/blog

      • Media Works for STEAM - all purchased?

        • All has been purchased and delivered with tech set up, with an Icloud and Google drive set up for administration

        • Tax exempt information letter sent to Genevra

        • To review and send to Apple

      • Flexible seating additions

        • Marcia/Library: ​​Library Seating Request

          • There are additional seating requests that will need to be voted on by the group.

          • Total of $1,017.24 of additional seating all the same item

          • Approved Via vote 11-0 (approved votes below)

          • Justin Hollister

          • Joanna Miner

          • Joy Tennent

          • Nicole Delesandro

          • Gabe Slough Cummings

          • Mary Nisi

          • Amanda Eich

          • Caitlin Sobotka

          • Heath Davis

          • Lindsay Semph

          • Rebecca Sheppard

  • Jackie and Rocio: Gmail - Fwd_ FOGS_ flexible seating.pdf

    • Cost for 8 seats at $69.99 total of $560

    • Do we have feedback on previous seating and an inventory of use?

    • Tabled for more information on feedback

    • Heath recommends to send targeted emails to teachers

  • New

    • Mr Ramos/Heath Davis Mac Mini switch

      • Tabled pending Mrs. Mariscals proposal

    • Mrs Mariscal/Library: new tech

      • Current Macbook is operating under 2013 technology and will not update

      • School currently has approximately 200 IPads but without the Macbook, new apps cannot be pushed out

      • Heath recommended to push proposals off for email vote to potentially bundle with other tech request

  • Chairs Update

    • Genevra - Treasurer

      • Not present, budget at approximately $55K

    • Lindsay - LBOTS

      • March 11th confirmed at Stan Mansion

      • Rick has a timeline for outreach

      • Confirmed Jesse De La Pena as DJ

      • Confirmed band

      • Good participation from Alumni businesses

      • Next Meeting is Jan 6th

    • Caitlin - GGT

      • Auditions sign ups starting this week

      • Hard attendance cutoff at 150, so there could be two rounds of shows morning/later in the day to accommodate

      • Amanda seeking milestones via email for milestones

    • Mary - Cookbook

      • Moving ahead, waiting for Spanish translations and the foreword section.

      • Have seen a lot of purchases coming through the website

    • Joanna - Dine & Donate, Recruitment

      • Need to send out message post event to address volume of orders

      • Will know in approximately one week how much money was raised

      • Next in the beginning of 2022 will be at Portillos

      • Recruiting:

        • Amanda created a poster to put up around Logan Square

        • Joanna to do some groundwork to distribute

        • Gabe has some input on locations from a group of Latino mothers to distribute

    • Gabe - Raffle, Annex/Field, 125/Giving Tuesday

      • Raffle went out today and is shareable via the link to the public

      • Annex/Field: Annex rebuilding should not belong to FOGS since it is capital building campaign

      • 125/Giving Tuesday: Deadline is December 31st

        • 3 new $50 monthly giving donations

      • Teachers’ Night Out: RevBrew donated the brewers room, food, and drinks on Dec 16th

    • Joy - Website update

      • Joy is working through updates

  • New Business

    • Sponsorship committee/chair: potential for combined grant writing/sponsorship role

    • Merch chair

    • New tech requests: expanding use cases - Heath/Gabe

    • Everyone is on the sponsorship committee: LBOTS 2022 Planner

    • Zoom for LSC and FOGS

    • Lindsay: school accountability survey

      • Survey will inform the new school rating system, Lindsay to share to take this to provide input

  • Event/Fundraising Proposals

    • STEAM Gala - Heath

      • Gala would take place Saturday May 21st

      • 400 maximum people with estimated 350 people

      • Fundraising Goal of $20,000. Chicago Architecture Center and mHUB would share content

      • Spending budget of $5,000

        • Catered cost of $4,000

        • Per plate cost of $10.00

        • Drink vendor option would need to be arranged and only available to sponsors

        • Security could potentially be required on a volunteer basis.

      • Money would be housed by FOGS for STEAM purchases

        • Providing STEAM workshops, technology requests

      • Approved Via vote 8-0 (approved votes below)

        • Justin Hollister

        • Joanna Miner

        • Joy Tennent

        • Nicole Delesandro

        • Gabe Slough Cummings

        • Mary Nisi

        • Amanda Eich

        • Lindsay Semph

      • Heath to work with website team to develop content

    • 8th Grade Raffle - Heath (finalizing Q&A from 11/10)

      • Monthly raffle

        • Approved Via vote 8-0 (approved votes below)

          • Justin Hollister

          • Joanna Miner

          • Joy Tennent

          • Nicole Delesandro

          • Gabe Slough Cummings

          • Mary Nisi

          • Amanda Eich

          • Lindsay Semph

        • To add to the agenda post March 11th to summarize lessons learned

Meeting End 9:35

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