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Social Distancing

In today’s world, social distancing has become the norm. Social distancing is staying 6 feet away from people at all times. The reason for this precaution is to slow down the spread of the CoronaVirus. Researches say that 90% of infections didn’t occur because of social distancing. 

While social distancing may seem very easy and convenient, it can be very disruptive. For example, kids with divorced parents don’t feel safe traveling from one home to another multiple times a week. In some situations parents have limited visitation with the other parent as a safety precaution. 

“My mom doesn’t let me see my dad for the days I’m supposed to see him because she’s worried for my safety. He still works and she doesn’t want me or my brother to be exposed.” A Goethe 8th grader speaks out about her situation.

Addison, yearbook staffer

Nycole, 104, Having recess indoors to stay safe

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