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FOGS January 2023 Meeting Minutes

January 9th, 2022

In person @ 6:30 Goethe School, Room 106


Joanna Miner, President

Kim Kappelman, Vice President 1

Nicole Dalesandro, Vice President 2

Sara McCradden, Secretary

Genevra Knight, Treasurer

Ashlee Villanti, Board Member

Gabrielle Goodstein, Board Member

Cassie Maxwell, Board Member

Elizabeth Leong, Board Member

Caitlin Sobotka, Board Member

Lindsey Good

Amanda Bull

Bob Flores

Andrew Distell

Amanda Eich

  • Welcome

  • Quick Joanna updates (more to be in the notes than to be discussed)

    • Urban initiatives will be paid shortly (18K)

    • Rug bought for 4th grade classroom with new teacher

    • Ink for central printer

      • Loose plan is that FOGS will fund one round for ink but Mr. Elmasri has a pathway moving forward

    • Request that committees to meet and email updates

    • Geek squad charge came through this week for $400 for an unknown reason

      • ACTION for Joanna to look into this

  • Mr. Distal accompanist request - $750 requested

    • FUNDING VOTE: 10 yay, 0 nay

  • Mr. Distal is researching potential risers for assemblies. Potential vendors are Wenger or StageRight. Looking to accommodate about 40 kids. ACTION for him to come back next meeting with quotes

  • Gratis acupuncture service for teachers on Feb 3rd, sponsored by Five Points

  • Giving Tree Updates: approximately 20K raised!

    • Currently funded at around 80K

    • SNAP! Connect push to all school with upcoming newsletter. ACTION for Nicole to work on newsletter, Joanna to post to SNAP

    • ACTION to have shifts for parent teacher conferences to have them sign up for FOGS

  • Field Problem Solving Committee - Cassie

    • Phase 1 of contract signed (pro bono)

    • Cassie will be presenting to LSC on Thursday, Jan 12th

    • When pro bono drawings come in, school will host an ad hoc meeting to discuss with the architects present

  • Tax letter to all donors over $250 in 2022

    • ACTION Genevra to send Sara Excel list of all donors, Sara to write tax letter (send to Genevra for approval), Amanda to update letterhead and then complete mail merge

  • Fun Run ACTION reminder: All Board members to think of 5 businesses to solicit for the Fun Run. Please your businesses here:

  • Dine and Donate update

    • Portillo's event raised $250

    • Next event is tomorrow at Chiptole on Elston ACTION for Amanda Bull to send out on SNAP

  • Funding protocols and Budget buckets

    • Health and Wellness

      • 20K already spent on UI

    • Capital Improvements

    • Educational Enrichment

    • Community Outreach

    • We currently have 60K in the bank (after we pay for UI) and we are comfortable spending another 40K through the end of the year

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