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September 22, 2022 Board Meeting Notes

Treasurer's Report

  • $82,700 current balance; made a net of $5k from GFest, which is great!

  • Not a huge fundraising success last year, so we should be strategic how we spend our money going forward, but we're on a good trajectory currently

Merch Update

  • Only two people ask for refunds, a few people offered to donate their merchandise to a family who can't afford it -- everyone's been very thankful and understanding

  • It's still going to take a couple more weeks to get through all of the merch, especially since another box was recently located

  • Joanna let Mr. Elmasri know that we'll have about 70 shirts to give away and started brainstorming ways to give away these shirts that seem fair for the community -- let Joanna know if you have any ideas!

Goethe Fest Recap

  • Made it affordable and equitable, so we didn't make as much as we could have

  • In retrospect, we could have started set up earlier, and have more volunteers

  • Would love to get a survey out to learn more about what went well, what didn't, what they'd like to see in the future - Rick will work on this

  • Having it early in the year really worked out! It set the tone for the year

  • Everyone seemed to be having a good time -- it was a very inclusive event, met neighbors, had a span of different kids and families there

  • Elizabeth has already followed up with the winner and they're donating it back to the school!

  • FOGS will follow up on the 50/50 raffle announcement on for Facebook to let the community know that it was gifted back -- Lindsay will figure out this messaging with the board offline


  • Amanda has quotes to get them printed; shared a proof at Goethe Fest; just need help with the Spanish translation

  • Pricing: if we get 200 printed, it would be $24/cookbook to make ($4800 cost)

  • What does the timeline look like vs putting on website? We could do it online, but going through on the hard copy would take 10 days to produce after the final copy is in place

  • Rick says the translation is what's kept this from moving forward because it's so long and it's going to take a long time to translate. Don't have the manpower to do it. Could pay someone to do it, but it's expensive.

  • We've tried breaking this into sections and used Google Translate -- what got tricky last year is that it was over thought. People tried to go through each recipe and take the character out of it. Probably doesn't need the same level of precision.

  • Can we cut recipes? It would be a shorter book and therefore easier to translate and print.

  • Could we upload those editions to Wix for both English & Spanish with 'suggested donation’ with purchase to print at-cost for folks who want a physical copy at the end?

  • Decision: Joanna and Amanda will work on a more robust plan and will present on the October meeting

Folklorico Instructor Funding Request

  • Last year, FOGS sponsored $1400 for the first instructor, and ended up being super popular -- can you continue to sponsor this program? 10 weeks, $1400 for the instructor; students pay for the shoes and wardrobe -- all inclusive, but mostly 1st-5th grade signed up. Thought about opening a separate class for PreK and K -- that wouldn't need our instructor, the staff could teach those little ones with the oversight of the instructor.

  • Would also like to purchase a dance floor -- $2k or $1200 (but wouldn't hear the tapping)

  • Roughly 50 kids wanted to participate last year, but 36 did (had a waitlist)

  • Joanna will connect around bamboo mats -- will come back to present on floors later, October or November

  • BOARD VOTE: One instructor for $1400 and 10 weeks of lessons plus performance -- 6-0 motion passes!

Jennifer's Staff Snacks Proposal

  • Jennifer proposed showing appreciation to Teachers and Staff via food and snacks. Could we once a month have a grade level donate to the teachers lounge that month?

  • FOGS could help with advertising for families to donate; bring Wellness Team in and Mr. E in to make sure what allergies to look out for

  • Jennifer will run with this, and connect w/Mr. E on what can be donated

  • One flyer that we can add to specific grades

  • Lindsay will connect Jennifer and Amanda after the meeting (Amanda will create the flyer) (Lindsay has already connected them)

Parents Night Out

  • Please join us at Navigator Taproom on Friday, Sept. 30, from 5pm-8pm!

  • Ms Dee's Pajama Jam at Volta for children during Parent's Night Out

  • Joanna will add the signup for this on the website -- Elizabeth will make sure that link is live

Board Elections

  • October Meeting & New Board Vote -- Tuesday 10/18 8pm (virtual)

  • Nominations close Friday 10/7

  • Nominate yourself or others using this form:

  • Lindsay will reach out to nominees the week of 10/10 to inform them and invite to October meeting

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