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New Annex Campaign Update

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Campaign for a New Annex is thrilled to announce that while we have been safely learning from home the Annex and main building have gotten a major facelift! There is new paint throughout the building, floors and windows have been repaired and can be safely secured, and the univents are now functional. In addition, the gym has refurbished floors, new basketball nets and equipment, and the best part…. AIR CONDITIONING! This will surely enhance your viewing pleasure of Mr. Clark’s amazing annual productions. They have heard our pleas for a building that is warm, safe, and dry. Below is a letter that was sent to CPS administrators and our elected officials to thank them for the updates and to keep them accountable for a new permanent annex structure.


Today, we write to say “thank you.” In June 2019, Goethe Elementary School parents sent you a video and letter documenting the long-term structural problems affecting the school’s annex building, which serves over 400 students and staff. That fall and winter, we repeatedly requested that CPS address these problems. And in February 2020, we testified at a Chicago Board of Education meeting about these same concerns.

We are pleased to report that our voices have been heard. There have been very significant repairs and improvements. The doors to classrooms have been repaired and can now lock safely. The exterior of the building has been patched. New univents have been installed to allow for better-regulated heating and cooling. The leaking window panes have been caulked.

As you know, the annex is a temporary structure that has now been in use over 25 years longer than it was designed to last. This means that many of the problems will recur. The shifting foundation and the pitch of the building causes cracking walls, shifting door frames, and results in water intrusion. We look forward to discussing the updated timeline for phasing out Goethe’s annex.

Thank you,

Goethe Elementary’s Campaign for a New Annex

We are excited about the updates and repairs, and when we can return to a safe and healthy environment, we look forward to advancing our campaign for a new, permanent building that matches the love and excitement of our community! If you are interested in joining the Campaign for a New Annex please email FOGS and join us!

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