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March 2021 FOGS Meeting Notes

March 10, 2021

Meeting start - 7:37pm

Board Members Present:

Angie Yarusso

Lindsay Semph

Amanda Bull

Joanna Miner

Andy Distel

Mary Nisi

Jamie Militello

Intro & welcome

Follow Up On Actions from last meeting

  • Gym chairs and storage racks have arrived

  • Science laptop for Mr. Davis was purchased - Waiting on confirmation of TV screen and mount

  • Amplify Science kits were ordered. Waiting on delivery confirmation

  • Funding for additional staff to support Covid safety was approved via email but have not received any information from school admin.

  • Stories we want to showcase on website about what FOGS has done - Nicole & Genevra - need to get this updated on the website.

  • How do we integrate Spanish speaking families into FOGS activities ongoing conversation

    • Cook book has been great so far

    • Need more outreach for people to join our FOGS meetings

Finance Update - Genevra

  • Financial Update: $122,446

    • Received $255.84 match from FaceBook for Giving Tree campaign

    • Received $185.73 match from AmazonSmiles - let’s continue pushing this

  • Expenditures $44,847

    • Balance due for website $2,250

    • Vimeo – video software for website $240

    • $100 gift card – thank you for website translation

    • All other expenditures – misc software subscriptions

  • List of 2020 donors who wrote checks- still need to figure this out, Angie will work with Genevra about this

  • LCS March meeting report - will be sent to LSC Friday

Initiatives Status /Updates

Cookbook Committee - Mary

  • Still waiting on a couple more outstanding submissions; 80+ recipes so far! Shout out to Angie for design wizardry!

  • Fundraising efforts - Book sales and Raffle prizes - can’t figure out pricing until we get the layout, but will probably need to charge $25-$30 to make a profit with 80+ recipes

    • This seems like too much…what about $15-$20 with an add-on donation option?

    • Suggested donation instead? Option like we did with the talent show with a “preferred” amount? $20, $30 preferred, $50, $100 possible options

  • Virtual version will be easy to use on a Kindle or tablet (similar to yearbook)


    • Raffle prizes from Latin Beats to be used

    • Anyone have ideas to add to raffle prices?

    • Need to reach out to Revolution Brewing - Lindsay will ask Rev Brew to get a meeting on the books to share what we’re doing for fundraising this year

STEAM - Angie

  • Design DisEASE Challenge - Approval to support this effort - similar to talent show setup but a science night with workshops; would have donation options but tickets would be free; kids could present from the school and we could virtually stream it

  • Volunteer help needed to pull this off. Need to get volunteers.

Walk Bike Run A Thon - Andy

  • Andy’s looking into RunSignUp that would be free to participate in -- will check with PE teacher to see how we can make this more of a school event, Angie will invite him to April FOGS meeting

Goethe Fest - Rick & Derek

  • On hold until we have a better idea of social distancing protocols in the spring

Appreciation Days - Need someone to lead these efforts and determine a budget for spending.

  • Assistant Principal Day 4/9/21 (week is 4/5-4/9) Andy will lead this and will work on this now

  • Principal Appreciation Day 5/1 - Andy will lead this and will have recommendations for next meeting

  • Teacher Appreciation Week 5/3-5/7 - Jamie will lead this and have recommendations for next meeting

FOGS Funding Requests For Approval

Smart TVs and stands for classrooms

  • Need: Goethe classrooms need a technology upgrade to meet the demands of the reopening plan that calls for simultaneous teaching to in-person and remote students and outfit the school all at once.

  • Proposed solution: Purchase a Smart Tv with casting capability for each teacher to display lessons, videos, materials, or remote peers on a large screen for everyone in the room to be engaged together. Additionally, the TV can continue to be used as a high-quality display when all students return to school. This includes connecting to document cameras and replacing out-dated projectors. Additionally, a mobile tv stand allows the tv to be positioned in the center of the room during lessons and moved out of the way when needed.

  • 43 Total Tvs [31 Gen-Ed classrooms (Pk-8th), 7 Specials rooms (including Accelerated Math), 4 Special Education Rooms, and 1 admin office for staff meetings.] Preferred size range would be 55"-65" to allow for visibility and mobility. I've attached some pictures of a typical white projector screen that are currently in classrooms to give you an idea of size. That screen measures 75" diagonally. The TV you see in the first picture measures 40" diagonally.

  • Estimated cost:

    • Avg cost of 55" tv w/ tax- $450-550 (Best Buy and Costco prices)- $19,350-$23,650

    • Avg cost of 65" tv w/ tax- $550-$650 (Best Buy and Costco prices)- $23,650- $27,950

    • Avg cost of mobile tv stand-$100 (Amazon) -$4,300

  • Why not a Promethean Board? Implementation of use requirements?

    • This is something that’s needed to be figured out now to start to better understand what our tech looks like and there would be a smaller learning curve; puts everyone on the same playing field

  • This would be a big improvement and could be a great PR piece for the school

  • Angie will try to find a discount for bulk purchase -- Angie will connect with Rick about bulk pricing

  • This vote is contingent upon Goethe Admin having an implementation and training plan for teachers to use these screens in classrooms.

    • Angie makes a motion to approve up to $30k to purchase the 43 smart TVs and stands for classrooms; Andy seconds the motion

    • Vote: 7-0, vote passes

End of meeting 8:47pm

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