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January 2021 FOGS Meeting Notes

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


January 13, 2021


Meeting start: 7:33pm

Board attendees:

Angie Yarusso

Andy Distell

Lindsay Semph

Jamie Militello

Amanda Bull

Hillary Scharmann

Joanna Miner

Nicole Dalesandro

Intro & welcome

Follow Up On Actions from last meeting

Website updates

  • Website Spanish Translation: COMPLETE - Thanks J Adams Oaks - Andy’s referral. Lori will update the site next week

  • Automated emails are the next project to tackle.

Goethe’s Got Talent - Spanish Speaking translator - MC needed; Goethe’s Got Talent has been a great connector to our Spanish-speaking community!

  • Angie will ask Miss Karina to be the Spanish MC

  • How do we integrate spanish speaking families into FOGS activities more

  • Need to start with more relationship-building; translating our website is a huge step; the love we share for our children has helped build community

  • Planning kids game night will be another step toward building that sense of community

  • Plan more partnership things like Wendy’s night to create more opportunities for genuine conversation; find a way to bring back bingo after COVID; more in-person fun family-geared events after COVID

Goethe Marquee Pricing - Jamie

  • 2 quotes from area vendors but it’ll be ~$25k-$30k. Would need ½ down first.

  • Angie will share with Barb and Nader; FOGS should push out a survey first to ensure this is something the Goethe community would want

Collect a list of things we want to showcase FOGS has contributed to the school to update copy on website - Nicole & Genevra

Barb’s Wish List - request to have someone on Barb’s team to provide specific requests.

  • Waiting to get list of specific needs

Finance Update - Genevra

Financial Update

  • Cash is up due to:

  • $8,535 received from the Facebook campaign. $2,500 of that is earmarked for STEAM. -- no match from Facebook though

  • $450 deposited for Goethe’s Got Talent tickets

  • Total of $140,800 in cash as of today

Monthly Expenditures

  • Mostly due to Goethe’s Got Talent – customized snack boxes and other misc supplies - $1,756

  • Small amounts for QuickBooks subscription and transaction processing fees for Paypal/Stripe deposits

  • LSC meeting update

Initiatives Status /Updates:

Cookbook Committee - Mary

  • Recipes submitted -- need more! Send out an email asking for more recipes in certain areas, add more social media

  • Next Steps

  • yearbook company seems the best way to go

  • Ads likely too complicated so let’s not do that

  • Where can FOGS members help

Goethe’s Got Talent - Angie

  • 31 performers (music, dance, comedy, & magic)

  • 12 visual artists (2 submitted work)

  • 56 Virtual tickets reserved

  • $650 in ticket donations

  • Snack Packs are available - only sold 30

  • Snack Pack Challenge - Hillary

  • Take a selfie in front of snack pack table -- students challenging other students, tag for friends, neighbors, etc

  • Unboxing on social media

  • Snack Pack Assembly #2 - Sunday at Ampersand NEED VOLUNTEERS

New Annex Building - Amanda - promote letter on social media

Recruitment - Joanna - working on sending emails

STEAM - Angie - no update

Walk Bike Run A-Thon - Andy - going to start thinking things through

Goethe Game Night - Derek - after the talent show, will start gearing up; Angie will lean in more; House Party app is definitely the way to go because it coordinates everything virtually and all games are already there

Goethe Fest - Rick & Derek - on hold

Apparel Design & Merch Shop - Hillary - will have outline in February

Solidarity Fund - $1,561.21

  • Donated funds to Delivered boxes of groceries to 25 families the week on 12/21/2020

FOGS Funding Requests For Approval:

6th, 7th, & 8th grade Science Lab kits

  • Angie proposes to vote to approve

  • Nicole seconds

  • Vote passes: 8-0

2020 Donors Thank You Letter:

  • Can someone write the letter? - Joanna will take this on

Need Help With:

  • Please help drive social engagement on our posts - like, comment and share

  • Snack Pack Assembly

  • Snack Pack Social Media Challenge - if you use #GGTCHALLENGE and #SNACKTASTIC, will get entered into a raffle to win a Goethe swag bag

Close - 8:44pm

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