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FOGS October Meeting



Justin Hollister

Lindsay Semph

Joanna Miner

Natalie Toro

Ashlee Villanti

Genevra Knight

Gabrielle Goodstein

Sara McCradden

Kimberly Kappelman

Nicole Delesandro

Tim Maxwell

Andrew Distel

Elizabeth Leong

Amanda Eich

Joy Tennent

Start 8:00PM

  • Welcome!

  • Treasurer’s Update - Genevra

    • Initiated transfer from Paypal and will after that have ~$87K in the bank account

      • Approximately $4-5K more than last month

    • Joanna got a notice from Amazon Smiles

      • These are deposited right into the account and last deposit was $128 in September

      • There is approximately $2000 coming from Amazon Smile, Genevra to monitor as it comes through.

  • Recent Initiatives Updates

    • Quick merch update - Joanna

      • Camila Taglia and Becky Alvarez have outstanding orders

        • Joana to send names to Nicole and she will do an extra level of reach out

    • Snack Attack update - Amanda/Lindsay

      • Put together a flyer and it was put on connects today, snack

    • Parents Night Out update - Nicole

      • Held first one at Navigator taproom 2 weeks ago

      • Had a good turnout of at least 50 people

      • Successful event that allowed a good reconnection between parents

      • Received $134 from Navigator Taproom

      • Could we at future events have a potential donation bin?

        • Also could do a silent auction or otherwise

        • Potential to send a follow up email with a donation prompt

        • LSC approval would be required for anything fundraising

        • Amanda mentioned that babysitting aspect was a great success

    • Additional items

      • Do we have a designed thank you note for donations to each donation?

        • Joy mentioned that Wix sends an automated email

          • This can be updated in the future as well

        • T-Shirt sponsorship thank you notes should be sent out

          • Joanna can do the admin work and Sara will take the design

  • Funding Proposals

    • Program license renewal - Andy Distel

      • Soundtrap license was sponsored by FOGs last year

        • Students are continuing to use the software

        • $1,087 spent last year for licenses

      • Seeking same amount ~$1,100 for subscriptions this year

        • Approved 7-0 proposal passes

          • Andy to connect with Genevra on purchasing

    • Cookbook proposal - Amanda & Joanna

      • 95% complete with editing at this point with one additional session

      • Sitting with an individual to work through the final Spanish version

      • Received a quote for 200 total books for $4,855 ($24.28 per book)

      • Proposing to sell at $35 per and the profit at that point would be $2,000

        • Break even point would be 139 books, have already sold 14 books at $30

      • Estimate a first week of November completion which would be a full print before orders are received

      • Can we do some sort of gauge of the community?

      • Need to work on advertising

        • Could we do an event around the cookbook/potluck event?

      • Voting for approval for 100 cookbooks at $25.70

        • Approved 7-0 proposal passes

  • Board Election! (30 minutes)

    • Nominee introductions

    • Nominee / current board question time

    • Board Voting

    • Joanna Miner: President

      • 6-0 Approved

    • Kimberly Kappelman: Vice President 1

      • 7-0 Approved

    • Nicole Delasandro: Vice President 2

      • 6-0 Approved

    • Sara McCradden: Secretary

      • 7-0 Approved

    • Genevra Knight: Treasurer

      • 6-0 Approved

    • Vote held for the following members that was 7-0 approved:

      • Natalie Toro: Board Member

      • Ashlee Villanti: Board Member

      • Gabrielle Goodstein: Board Member

      • Cassie Maxwell: Board Member

      • Elizabeth Leong: Board Member

      • Amanda Eich: Board Member

      • Caitlin Sobotka (not present): Board Member

  • Annual appeal for fundraising for $20K for a November messaging on Giving Tuesday

    • Ashlee volunteered to provide writing assistance and could use a group of four.

      • Amanda Eich volunteered for this group

    • Ashlee and Nicole to connect post meeting

    • Can we do a giving time/volunteer or Amazon Smile for someone who does not have ability to give?

    • 11-0 vote was approved.

  • Next Steps

    • Next meeting date in November will be Thursday November 3, 2022 at 6:30 PM at the school. Proposed for Mrs.Toro’s room.

      • Aim for general meetings on first Thursday of each month

      • Note that LSC meetings are the second Thursday of each month

    • Joanna will email out FOGs 101 and bylaws and open for questions next meeting

End of Meeting 9:35 PM

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