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FOGS February 2023 Meeting Minutes

Friends Of Goethe School (FOGS)

Monthly Meeting Agenda

February 5th, 2022

In person @ 6:30 Goethe School, Library


Joanna Miner, President

Kim Kappelman, Vice President 1

Nicole Dalesandro, Vice President 2

Sara McCradden, Secretary

Genevra Knight, Treasurer

Gabrielle Goodstein, Board Member

Cassie Maxwell, Board Member

Mike Howels

Andrew Distell

Amanda Eich

Amanda Bull

Natalie Toro


  • Financial Update

    • $80,323 currently available

    • Upcoming expenses: $22K for Urban Initiatives, $1K for musicians (approved last meeting), $1K for monthly expenses until year end

    • $56K left as available, $36K available to spend this year (leaving $20K without any new funding)

    • We have raised/ pledged about $31K this year

    • Genevra is finishing up the tax letter now

  • Marquee Update

    • New quote coming in this week

  • Fun Run Update

  • Merchandise Update

    • New logo finalized

      • Each child will be provided with a t-shirt and crewneck sweatshirt. Vendor is Barrelmaker.

      • March 6th go live, which means order must be in by Feb 17th

      • Obstacle to gather sizing, we need a Google form completed by Feb 10th

      • Funding is in place for the tshirts and sweatshirts via school funds (not FOGS)

      • A store will be set up for any additional (parents?) orders via Shopify

  • Recruitment Update

    • Pre-K precruitment starts April 11th (when registration opens)

    • Full day Pre-K is still TBD, we will know next week

    • Bulletin board is available for informational items

  • Communication Update

    • Amanda E has taken over Instagram account

    • Thanks you cards are coming tomorrow

  • Teacher appreciation week May 8th- May 12th

    • Sara will own lunch once that week

    • Joanna and Amanda will own a parent suggestion (TBD)

  • Mr. Distel Risers Cost

    • $55,961 Wenger

    • $39,270 Stage Right

    • Push to a later meeting to see how funding develops

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