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FOGS December 2022 Meeting Minutes

December 4th, 2022

In person @ 6:30 Goethe School, Room 106

In Attendance:

Joanna Miner, President

Kim Kappelman, Vice President 1

Nicole Dalesandro, Vice President 2

Sara McCradden, Secretary

Natalie Toro, Board Member

Ashlee Villanti, Board Member

Gabrielle Goodstein, Board Member

Cassie Maxwell, Board Member

Elizabeth Leong, Board Member

Caitlin Sobotka, Board Member

Lindsey Good

Amanda Bill

  • Welcome

  • Update of conversation with Mr. Elmasri and Joanna

    • School appreciates the Urban Initiatives funding. This was voted and approved last year.

  • Committee updates

    • Giving tree – Nicole

      • ~18K pledged or received

    • Merch – Nicole

      • Trying to sell through current merch we have at the Holiday Bazaar

      • COMING SOON: New logo by end of year, updated merch in the Spring

    • Dine and Donate – Cait

      • First event is 08Dec at Portillo’s

        • Best option is to walk in or drive through vs online ordering

    • Fun Run – Joanna

    • Recruitment – Gabby

      • Emailing local early childcare areas to spread word about Goethe

      • March 2023 – Coffee with Mr. Elmarsi

      • This is to make people who are new enrolling are the target demographic here

      • All FOGS members should log on to Great Schools and leave review

      • Stuff mailboxes with postcards beginning of April

      • FOGS members to join LS Parent’s Network

      • Full day pre-k is pending with CPS

    • Field of Dreams – Cassie

      • Cassie has been chatting with civil engineer, qualified vendor with CPS

      • Tour has been completed

      • They are putting together plans together for us in Q1 (good, better, best)

      • Ask is to survey community, teachers, etc to see what the wishlist is

      • Probably a 3-5 year project

    • Grants – Joanna

      • Progress is expected in new year

    • Parents Night Out- Nicole

      • A few potential dates are being thrown around along with events (karaoke, shuffleboard, bowling, etc)

  • Other updates

    • Play - shop and support event – Amanda

      • In progress

    • New Furniture – Nicole

      • Amazing! Done!

    • Holiday Bazaar –

      • Joanna is going to sell cookbooks

    • Holiday Concert –

      • FOGS will set up 2 tables

      • Sara, Amanda B will meet at 8am on 14Dec to set up

      • Amanda E will make a poster

      • Sara will buy some labels and will print for the event (“I support FOGS!”)

    • Orientation Handout

      • ACTION: Sara to send Amanda B a list of To Dos (join FOGS, change to AmazonSmile, download Snap! Connect, etc)

  • Funding Requests

    • Young Engineers

      • Kit-based, instructor-led

      • Demo is this week, immediately filled with students

      • Can FOGS pay for a second demo? Owner is hoping to be a CPS vendor, which means we could open it up for tuition-based after school program

        • Cost is $320

        • VOTE: 12 YES, 0 NAY

    • Coming down the line - Forklorico

      • New stage is covered by OST

      • Can we fund a second semester?

        • Cost is $1200

        • VOTE: 12 YES, 0 NAY

    • New funding request form for teachers

      • Natalie needs some help to explain directly to teachers, Joanna can support

      • ACTION for a quick powerpoint or notification of what FOGS does, what they have funded (Joanna and Ashlee)

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