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December 2020 FOGS Meeting Notes

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Meeting start: 7:34pm

Board members present:

Angie Yarusso

Lindsay Semph

Jamie Militello

Derek Becker

Andy Distel

Hillary Scharmann

Mary Nisi

Joanna Miner

Amanda Bull

Genevra Knight

Intro & welcome and cheers to the holidays

Follow Up On Actions from last meeting

Website updates

  • Quick tour of the site

  • Looks amazing! Thanks to Lori Hammer for helping get this together. We’ll be able to include volunteer opportunities directly onto our page

Survey & parent outreach

  • BAC & PAC Intro call with Angie; the groups agreed to more intentionally collaborate

  • Survey will have parents rank investment priorities -- can even ask the kids to rank priorities, too, and we can publish results publicly to help add to transparency.

Finance Update - Genevra

LSC report update to help solve transparency issue; it’s already been sent to LSC Chair Rick Cruz -- we’ll do this moving forward before every LSC meeting:

  • Fundraising Goal for this year: $50,000

  • Giving Tuesday -- made ~$8400; Facebook will be matching a portion of that TBD

  • Raised $12,010.26 YTD so far; does not account for an outstanding LBOTS check

Initiatives Status /Updates:

New Annex Building - Amanda

  • Just sent letter out this week; could be a great blog to post on the website once we start to get responses

  • Jamie and Angie will work on a blog post

Recruitment - Joanna

  • Start planning after the holidays; elementary school application deadline has been extended

  • Angie to share Goethe logo with Joanna

STEAM - Angie

  • At a standstill -- staff didn’t like the STEAM curriculum group

  • Teachers are more interested in PD and equipment for staff to organically build rather than have a company to plug in

Cookbook Committee - Mary

  • Very close to getting onto Facebook; waiting on Spanish translation

  • Classrooms are already amping this up!

  • Deadline for recipes: 2/1/2021

Walk Bike Run A-Thon - Omari

  • Omari has to take a step back, FOGS looking for someone to lead this effort; will regroup after the holidays

Goethe’s Got Talent - Angie

  • Sign up has begun - deadline 12/18 - 20 students have signed up already!

  • To reserve your ticket (and donate if you would like!):

  • $10,000 snack pack fundraiser with Fresh Marketplace; we’ll need to package up these snack packs, Fresh Market Place will take care of the rest; if we sell 400 snack packs, they’ll donate $10k to us! We’ll be the testers for them to see if this will work

  • Volunteers Needed - will keep to a very small group to do this for the sake of safety

    • Mon Jan 4th - pack the snack packs

    • Tues Jan 5th - pack the snack packs

    • Wed Jan 6th - Set up snack pack back display at FMP

  • Joanna will reach out to Girl Scouts troop leader about volunteering

Goethe Game Night

  • Next Step - Angie to schedule a call with the team to plan, post holiday.

Goethe Fest - Rick & Derek

Apparel Design & Merch Shop - Hillary - will have outline after the holidays

Solidarity Fund - $1,561.21

  • Waiting on Barb and Nader to figure out what to do with the funds.

FOGS Funding Requests:

Goethe’s Got Talent - Execution Costs $2,540

  • Snack Pack Merchandising: $2000 (boxes & signs)

  • Zoom Webinar Software: $140

  • T-Shirts for performers $400 (30-40 t shirts)

  • Vote: Angie motions to approve GGT execution costs

  • Mary seconds

  • 10-0 - vote passes

Heath Davis - Science Lab Kits for next year - we will wait until we know when we will go back but it will be $8000

Teacher Strike Contingency Idea -- will think through how to best support our kids if this happens once we have more information re: strike

Need Help With:


  • We need someone who can take a copy of the website and translate it -- blogs and everything

  • Would prefer to have someone volunteer rather than pay; maybe there’s a group of people we could ask to volunteer for this

  • Another option for the time being: stick into Google Translate and ask someone to proof it

  • Jamie, Araceli, and Andy offered to help with smaller things as a second set of eyes

  • Angie will talk to Admin

Social Media engagement

  • Facebook will not promote posts throughout entire followers unless paid for OR were more active

  • Looking for people to post 2x/week

Need all to like/comment/share posts

  • Collect list of things FOGS has contributed to Goethe over the years

  • Genevra will compile this and work with Nicole to fill in gaps

Research cost of a digital marquee for the school - Jamie will investigate this

Work with Barb to come up with specific items they want for the office and security desk set ups

Meeting close - 8:47pm

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