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Covid-19 impacted every aspect of our lives this year including the Yearbook Club's ability to document the school year as planned.  Unfortunately the full 2020 Yearbook was not able to be completed.  However, the teacher sponsors and Yearbook volunteers pivoted to produce something for us all to remember this unprecedented year.

Volunteer and teacher commitment, resulted in this eYearbook which includes pages the Yearbook Club students completed before March,  the student developed theme design, coverage of the Covid-19 experience, 8th grade portraits, and 8th grade experiences. 


Sadly, we had to make the decision to remove the portraits for Pre-K through 7th grade.  We made this decision because a significant number of student portraits were missing due to retake day being cancelled.  We also felt the younger graders will be captured all students in next year's book.  

This ebook will be available online to view for the next year.  You can download the book to keep with your own files and you can pay to purchase a printed version of the book.  One printing run will happen in the beginning of August and the next will happen in September after school starts. 


Prior to remote learning the club, made up of 25 students, met once a week for 2 hours.  The students were broken up into 4 teams and each student was assigned a job - photographer, designer, writer, marketer.  This format allowed the students focus on a specific media arts skill set.  The teams collaborated to develop a name, the theme design, and story topics for each page of the book.  By March 12th, they had completed 14 of the 80 pages in the yearbook.   

This year the Yearbook Club goals were: 

  1. To cover the Goethe experience from the students point of view 

  2. Capture all students attending Goethe in the yearbook at least once

  3. Give students the opportunity to learn Technology and Art, STEAM skills, through a real life project

  4. Provide a learning opportunity from practitioners in the fields of photography, design, and marketing. 


While this Yearbook is far from what we dreamed it would be, we are proud of the work that was able to be completed and hope you enjoy it.  If you have questions please feel free to email the Yearbook parent volunteer, Angie May Yarusso at


The eYearbook will be available online to view for the next year.  For the best experience, view on a desktop or labtop computer.  You can also download the book to a pdf and order a printed copy.

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